Skirts / Dresses

Girls purple Dora the explorer dress, Has a scalloped shaped top at front, & a zipper on the left side. In sizes:  3 & 6          $19.98

 Girls size 4 sleeveless dress, grey & purple with purple stars all over &two pockets on the lower front.         $8.99

Girls size 4 tan coloured cordouroy skirt comes with a belt, has a fringe around the bottom, with a flower emblem on bottom left.         $9.99

Girls size 1 long sleeve dress  is polyester / cotton, there are three buttons on the back &two on the front.   $5.99

Girls size 0 yellow dress with pink flowers all over & a bow at the top, also comes with a matching Bandana, Rippa brand.           $7.99

Nikki Webster green crochet skirt or shawl. It has a green ribbon on the side and it comes in sizes 5, 7, 12 &14.

$5.98 each

                                                      toddlers dress ,
                                                       has three buttons down the back
                                                     has a small bow on the top front
                                                  sizes 0,1 &2               $7.90