18 October 2011

Funky Hats

Wordless Wednesday!

Playing along in wordless Wednesday with,

12 August 2011

You talkin to me?

"what now? I was about to watch the news." Says B dog.

Playing along with Diary of a SAHM

10 August 2011

It's a Dogs life!

Playing along in wordless Wednesday with,

This is my grand daughters dog 'B Dog'. He is currently Living with us. It certainly looks like a hard days work, outside at play.

9 August 2011

I to Blog on Tuesdays!

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This is my morning view,
until the Cockatoos scare them off, then the yard turns white.

23 July 2011

Thanks for stopping by! xx

Now that i finally have 'something' on my blog i thought it was about time i introduced my self.

My name is June and i am the creator of Biffo's Bargains.
I live in central west N.S.W, with my handyman husband.

I have never blogged before so i'm still working it all out, any tips you have that might help me along my blogging journey would be very much appreciated.

I started this blog in order to give you a place to purchase cheap childrens clothing.

Well what are you waiting for, off you go, go and take a peek around and let me know what you think!

To learn more about me pop over to my About Me Page!

More new Stock

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28 June 2011

New Clothes in stock!

I have just added a bunch of new clothes to my store!
here are just a few items i added.

plus lots more.
Pop over to the page to view the items in more detail.

More Stock coming soon!